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Estimated collision results for British Columbia in 2018:

  • Fatal: 219
  • Injured: 48,099
  • Hospitalized: 219 48,099
  • Reported collisions: 5,544 244,712
  • Vulnerable road users:
  • Motorcycle fatalities: 27
  • Motorcycle injuries: 27 1,266
  • Motorcycle crashes: 2,025
  • Cycle fatalities: 9
  • Cycle injuries: 1,350
  • Cycle crashes: 1,603
  • Pedestrian fatalities: 51
  • Pedestrian injuries: 2,194
  • Pedestrian strikes: 2,278
  • Crash related medical costs : $42,549,420

*data from DrivesmartBC

Humans are fascinating. I know my attention can, and has been, high jacked many times; for instance, a glint of light or that shiny thing I sense in the peripheral.
Our eyes constantly adjust to enhance the subtleties from the background.
As the optometrists Hughes and Cole once wrote, “Whether an object will attract the attention of an observer (road user) is largely determined by that observer.”

Read the rest of this traffic safety article at the Revelstoke review where it was first published.

By Gina Gregg
COR Internal Auditor
Stand in the Gap

A Site Risk Assessment & Traffic Control Plan must be approved before planned work commences on any BC road.